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Normita's Mexican Cuisine

Southern Mexico Style

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What Sets Us Apart?

Tasty, flavorful and completely unique, Normita's Mexican Cuisine serves up delicious food in Clark County, to diners who are sick and tired of the same old Mexican food options. There are many people trying to perfect the Mexican food truck experience, but we think we’ve mastered it and added some Yucatan flare!

The complete experience only happens when you actually show up, so go ahead and follow us online for real-time cart location updates; we might be parked at a location near you soon. Come say hi, your taste buds will be glad you did.

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Food on Wheels

Back APRIL 30, 2023!!!!!!!

3Peaks Public House & Taproom

I LOVE 3Peaks and I thank them infinitly for having us be a part of the 3peaks fam!, But I promised I would move to Battle Ground for a while. I'll be back in April!!!! See you soon or visit in BG!.
3Peaks is one of the hottest spots in Ridgefield, and our cart is parked there and ready to serve most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Check our schedule and preview our menu online. Our specials are seasonal, so stop by Normita's Mexican Cuisine for a fresh and tasty bite.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Main Street

Main Street is one of the hottest neighborhoods in San Francisco, and our truck is parked there all day long on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Check our schedule and preview our menu online. Our specials are seasonal, so stop by Normita's Mexican Cuisine for a fresh and tasty bite.

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Owner Tiffany Richardson finally listened and decided to follow another dream, making it a reality and hopefully adding another success to her belt! Opening a food establishment, what a dream. Sharing her delicious dishes with her friends and friends of friends in Washington, she couldn't just keep it a secret anymore. Tiffany introduced her family recipes to the people of Clark County! Not just the typical "Mexican" food but more southern, Yucatan. A little Oxacan style here and there, dishes she's learned from friends and family during her travels, all over Mexico.

She really couldn't afford to buy an actual location, so decided a food truck/ cart would be the next best option, then the pandemic hit!

Get a food cart, they said, it'll be fun they said, it'll be easy....."

Starting a food cart wasn't as simple as she thought.

After 25 years of working in education and being a jack of all trades, she invested all she had (they don't pay us enough)! Moratoriums, hold ups, becoming a farmer, being pregnant, having another baby, burning money, dealing with rules and regulations, finally 2 years later, we have a cart!

Find us hitting the streets daily, where we’re making sure that your food comes out quick and tastes delicious. But please be patient, Tiffany will be cooking alone, the one and only Normita show up once in a while to make sure she's keeping it as authentic as possible. In all Normita fashion there's never a right time, I'm sure it will usually be when there's a line of people and she wants to chat.

Whether you’ve got time to stick around or you’re just coming to grab an on-the-go bite to eat, we got you covered. Depending on the location, we may or may not be allowed to have seating.

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Serving: Clark County
Special events, please email us or call!

+1 (360) 900-1582

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